Suomeksi Svenska sidor


Modern technology is based on human performance.

Humans are risk elements that can and shall be controlled.

We serve safety-critical industries

  1. aviation
  2. maritime
  3. nuclear power
  4. hospitals
  5. banks
  6. defence

Our base is in Helsinki, Finland at the first and classic Helsinki Airport Malmi.

Our services (since 1982)

  1. selection of people for critical positions airline pilots, master mariners
  2. selection systems for initial training in maritime and aviation industries
  3. training for key positions team leaders in cockpits (CRM), command bridges (BRM), nuclear power control rooms (CRRM), hospitals and HEMS services
  4. training for service industries helping people to meet difficult, even violent customers in banks and similar settings
  5. safety investigations safety systems analysis
  6. accident and incident investigations
  7. organisational cultures analysis

All our consultants are senior-level legalized psychologists. All our test systems are based on scientifically-proven official psychological tests.

We serve in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Our present customers are major Finnish and European ship-companies, nuclear power stations, Finnish maritime schools, airline pilot schools, defence forces and accident investigation authorities.